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2021 Colors of the Year

Every year, paint brands forecast color trends and announce their color of the year based off of current design trends, societal events, pop culture and more. Given that 2020 was a tumultuous year, there is a common theme among the 2021 Colors of the Year; hope, relaxation, tranquility, and reflection. So, if you are looking for a fresh start in 2021, here’s how you can incorporate the 2021 Colors of the Year in your home!

Pantone – 17-5104 Ultimate Gray & 13-0647 Illuminating

Pantone announced Ultimate Gray and Illuminating as the 2021 colors of the year. These two represent “…a message of happiness supported by fortitude, the combination of PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating is aspirational and gives us hope...”

Creating a space that incorporates a bold yellow can be tricky, but when used successfully you’ll find that yellow can be quite an uplifting and cheerful addition to your home. A great way to use this color combo is through fabrics, décor and furniture. Combine your favorite neutrals with this vibrant pop of color to raise your spirits and “Illuminate” your space.

Interiors by Popov

Sherwin Williams – Urbane Bronze SW 7048 (245-C7)

Bold and deep, yet serene and sophisticated, Urbane Bronze “…has a unique ability to ground a room through organic appeal. Whether it’s accentuating window trims or accent walls, this warm hue draws from nature for a feeling of relaxation and serenity.”

Interior by Thistlewood Farms

Urbane Bronze is a great color to use to define and create individual spaces within a larger space. Pair with warm neutrals and natural materials to experience the full dramatic effect of this rich color. The depths and undertones of this beautiful color will complement a wide variety of patterns and architectural styles, and it takes on a life of its own in different lighting conditions.

Interior by Vintage Revivals

Benjamin Moore – Aegean Teal 2136-40

“Take a moment to reflect and reset…" is how Benjamin Moore introduced their 2021 Color of the Year. Also described as “intriguing, balanced, and deeply soothing…” Aegean Teal is a versatile color that has many interior and exterior uses.

Interior by Kenneth McRobbie and Colin Blanchard

Aegean Teal, whether in traditional or contemporary style interiors, is a perfect color choice for any room! It can be used in an entire space, on cabinetry and millwork, as an accent wall, and so much more! Depending on your daylighting, Aegean Teal can transform its quality from moody to lively.

Image credit - Benjamin Moore

Putting it all together

Though these are all separately chosen colors, there is no doubt you can successfully combine all into a space to create a positively colorful and lively interior.

Interiors by Popov

Interior by ThePunctiliousMrP’sPlaceCardCo



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